• Annual Report 2015/16


    Inspiring Generosity

    Watch our short film and meet inspiring New Zealanders who give their time to mentor young people,
    volunteer to protect the kiwi, raise funds and awareness for homelessness and
    give up their afternoons to run a homework club for children.




  • Welcome

    Stephen and Margaret Tindall

    Message from the Founders

    Tēnā tātou katoa. Greetings to all.

    Welcome to our 2015/16 annual report.


    We know for a fact that New Zealanders are very generous. We see it all around us every day: people giving hours of time volunteering or mentoring, sharing their wealth or resources, taking part in a sponsored event to raise money for a cause, giving their expertise for free, donating food and clothing, baking cakes for the school fundraiser or coaching a sports team.


    To celebrate the many people who give so generously, the theme of this year’s annual report is Inspiring Generosity.


    How wonderful it is to share the stories of regular Kiwis of different ages and varied backgrounds who give generously of their time, energy, expertise and money to help others. In our short film and feature stories you will find out what giving means to them.


    Earlier this year we decided to run a survey to find out what motivates New Zealanders to give. We were keen to understand the different ways in which people contribute, what inspires them to donate both time and money, how giving makes them feel, and what the benefits are to the community.


    We had an overwhelmingly positive response, with over a thousand people completing the survey, and in this report we reveal the results. Thanks to all those who participated.


    We would like sincerely to thank everyone who makes our work at The Tindall Foundation possible, particularly our committed, hard-working staff and Trustees. The work we do simply would not be possible without them.


    Stephen and Margaret Tindall

    Founders – The Tindall Foundation

    John McCarthy

    Message from the Manager


    Kia ora koutou.

    In this annual report we are pleased to share some highlights of the past year for The Tindall Foundation. 2015/16 was another successful year, with more than $18 million in donations either given or committed to organisations and projects across the country.


    It also marked the important milestone of $50 million in donations distributed through the 23 Funding Managers and Local Allocation Committees (LACs) who work throughout New Zealand managing our funds for us. We are hugely grateful for the work they do. Funding Managers and LACs are our eyes and ears across the country, identifying the greatest need where they are.


    This year we pay special tribute to two of our Funding Managers — The Salvation Army and the New Zealand Catholic Bishop's Conference — who celebrate 20 years of partnership with The Tindall Foundation.


    Another highlight was the launch of our Next Gen Fund, established and managed by Stephen and Margaret Tindall’s five children. The fund actively involves the family’s next generation in philanthropy and giving in their own way. Next Gen distributed its first two donations in 2015; one of the organisations funded, Nga Rangatahi Toa, features in our short film.


    Other highlights of 2015/16 included:

    • Joining with six other family foundations through the Working Together More Fund to distribute over $2 million to organisations that support their local communities to work collaboratively
    • Through our Emergency Response Fund, reaching a total of $6.8 million given to help the regeneration of Canterbury following the earthquakes
    • Seeing 593 young people employed in 2015 through the Youth Connections project run in conjunction with Auckland Council

    We hope you enjoy reading this year’s report.


    Nāku i runga i āku mihi ki a koe. Yours with thanks.


    John McCarthy

    Manager – The Tindall Foundation

  • Inspiring Generosity

    Survey findings confirm that giving is good for you!

    A few months back we asked people to take part in our Inspiring Generosity survey to tell us what motivates them to be generous and how giving to others makes them feel. Huge thanks to all those who shared their experiences of giving with us. The findings are fascinating.

    Kiwis are truly big hearted when it comes to giving time and money. How do we know? The results prove it. Of the 1099 people who replied to the survey with their experiences and thoughts, the vast majority reiterated how generous Kiwis are.

    Some highlights:

    • Kiwis give in many ways to many causes
    • People give from the heart, for the good of others, rather than for personal gain or recognition
    • Giving makes people feel connected, happy, healthy, energised, empowered and grateful
  • How giving makes people feel: 69% said giving provides them with a greater sense of connection and belonging. 48% said it makes them happy. 43% said it gives them an increased sense of wellbeing. Through the giving experience, people also felt: 35% Grateful, 22% Energised, 22% Empowered.
    92% of respondants feel that New Zealanders are generous
    What motivates people to give? Wanting to give back to their community/an organisations was the biggest motivator for those: Participating in an event (42%), Volunteering (38%), Fundraising (30%), Pro bono work (36%)
    Of those who volunteer: 39% say they want to give back to their community/an organisations. 32% want to make a difference.
    Those who have one-off cash donations are motivated by: A worthy cause (58%), Wanting to give back to the community/an organisation (20%), Wanting to make a difference (16%)
  • Survey participants shared their thoughts on what giving means to them:

  • Exceptional People

    Right across the country, ordinary Kiwis are doing extraordinary things for the good of others.

    Meet four exceptional people whose generosity is making a difference to people’s lives, local communities and our environment. They talk about what inspires them to give generously and why it is good for them.

    These people give from the heart, and in return they feel happy, proud and connected to their communities. That experience is echoed by the almost 1100 people who responded to our recent Inspiring Generosity survey — a summary of which is above.

  • Bec Prendergast

    Over the past four years Bec Prendergast (25) and Mya MacGregor (12) have formed a firm friendship, hanging out together on most Wednesday afternoons. What brought the pair together was Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Christchurch — a mentoring organisation that links adult volunteers with 135 local young people.

    Ian Phillips

    Ian Phillips has been making charitable donations via payroll giving for five years through his employer, Spark Corporate. Payroll giving enables employees to donate to charities, schools and community groups via their employer’s payroll system — so people give as they earn.

    Mark Vincent

    Mark Vincent founded the Otamatea HarbourCare Society two years ago to help improve the health of the Kaipara Harbour. In the last year he and a team of volunteers have planted over 16,000 trees, more than half of which they grew in their own nursery.

    Merle Cooney

    Since 2013 the Laurence and Merle Cooney Fund has been helping young people in the Ashburton district, with administration provided by Advance Ashburton, the local Community Foundation. Merle Cooney talks about the BOOST project her family supports and the joy she gets from seeing local children thrive.

  • Key Statistics

    Our donations and commitments to New Zealand communities and our environment have totalled over $153 million. In addition, we have paid over $120m to the government in prepaid tax
    Our funding managers and local allocation committees have distributed $50million on our behalf to local communities across New Zealand
    Since the first Canterbury Earthquake hit in 2010: we have donated more than $6.8m to assist with response, recovery and regeneration of the region.
    In 2015/16 The Tindall Foundation made these major commitments: We have donations to 713 organisations across New Zealand. We paid donations worth almost $10 million
    Our top three programme areas include: $5m to supporting families and social services (50% of our total funding), $1.78m to caring for our environment, $1.1m to encouraging employment and enterprise
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  • Governance

     Find out who is behind The Tindall Foundation


    [L-R ] Joan Withers, Stephen Tindall, Margaret Tindall, Robbie Tindall, Jennifer Casey.

    During 2015/16 we had five Trustees at The Tindall Foundation. They are made up of the Foundation’s two founders, Stephen and Margaret Tindall, their son Robbie; and two Trustees independent of the family, Jennifer Casey and Joan Withers, both of whom have successful careers in the commercial sector and have a passion for families and communities.


    Read more about the Trustees here

    The Tindall Foundation team

    [L-R] Elizabeth Tindall Tetro, John McCarthy, Dave Richards, Martina O'Driscoll, Genevieve Northey, Jennifer Reid


    The Tindall Foundation is a private family foundation that gives to organisations and communities throughout Aotearoa New Zealand by way of donations, training, capacity building and research, and by partnering with others. We want to see communities grow and prosper so our children's children will have the very best chance in life. As a family and as an organisation, we feel very fortunate to be in a position that enables us to share with others.


    Read more about our Team here

    Key Consultants/Advisers

    Gordon Hosking, Bede Martin (Interact Canterbury), Margot Nicholson (NFP Works),
    David Hall, Melanie Wilson, Glenn and Sharyn Cant, Jan van Vliet, Peter Dowling

    Financial Advisers



    RSM Hayes Audit

    Legal Advisers

    Chapman Tripp, Grove Darlow and Partners

    IT Advisors

    Clockwork Consulting, Circle IT

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    New Zealand

    Phone: (09) 488 0170

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